Standard book

Before downloading anything else download the syllabus and learn it by heart

UPSC IAS syllabus index

icons-smart-objects-3d-book-mockup-psd-address-book-icon-psd-preview-5 NCERT & NIOS Textbooks

Topicwise Zip Files Uploaded here: click on the names

  1. NCERTs (History, Geography, Science, Economy etc)
    1. NCERT Notes (Science & Tech)
  2. NIOS (Culture, Environment biodiversity (EnB)
  3. Tamilnadu State Edu. Board books (for History)

Topic wise Annotated notes are available here. To downlaod the book click on the download link picture

  1. Polity and constitution  index
  2. Environment and biodiversity index
  3. Economics and banking   index
  4. Culture and history  index
  5. Science and technology  index
  6. Geography (Optional as well as for GS)  index
  7. Agriculture  index
  8. International relation  index
  9. Ethical Aptitude  index
  10. CSAT (Prelims paper II)  index
  11. Prelims Previous  index

Non-Annotated  books to download – New Update

Download NCERTs (OLD & NEW) from these links

#1. History – Old NCERTs + TN Ncerts

#2. History – NEW NCERTs (right click to download)

#3. Indian Art & Culture (right click to download)

#4. Indian Polity (right click to download)

#5. Economics (right click to download)

#6. Geography (right click to download)

#7. Science NCERTs (Class 6 – 12) (click to access the folder)

#8. Sociology NCERTs (right click to download)

#9. Other Reference Books


    1. Just click on the link it will open depending upon your internet connectivity, it may take some time to open.


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