The newspaper is considered as the best companion of a civil service aspirant. From the beginning itself, the current events have a great role in UPSC IAS examination. Nowadays, the importance of reading newspaper for the Civil Services Examination has augmented extremely. If the candidate is good at current affairs as well as in the traditional areas, it is very easy to crack the examination in the very first attempt. The candidate must have the knowledge of current events happening around him and newspaper is the best way to gather the information in a detailed manner. But choosing the best newspaper is a big deal. Most of the times aspirant fail to choose the right newspaper. Here we are giving you a list of the best newspaper which may help you in UPSC IAS exam preparation.

If you are preparing for the June 2017 UPSC prelims, you would know by now the irreplaceability of newspapers in your UPSC study kit. Newspapers give you information on current affairs and also insight into various developments affecting the country and the world. The most widely accepted newspaper among UPSC aspirants is The Hindu. Does it mean you avoid other newspapers? Definitely not. Every newspaper may not be good, but there is always something good in every newspaper. This article talks about the various newspapers you should read and also how to read them.

You should read articles in a newspaper from the following categories:

  • World/bilateral relations
  • Editorial-Opinion/Articles
  • Arts and culture-related news
  • Science and technology (Thursday’s edition of The Hindu)
  • Economy
  • Social issues
  • Judgment/Ruling /remark by Supreme Court/High Court
  • National news/ Schemes/ Policies
  • Administration and polity/ amendments
  • Geography related news

List of newspapers to read:

The Hindu

The Hindu is easily the most respected newspaper for civil services aspirant for its good vocabulary and sentence construction. It generally contains minimal grammatical errors when compared to other national newspapers. Also, it has good editorials on matters that the UPSC generally asks. Read its science & technology section without fail.

The Indian Express

This national daily is also widely read by UPSC aspirants because of its coverage of issues. It also sometimes contains special series on certain issues explaining them in detail.

Business Standard

It is India’s leading business daily and is recommended for economic news.

Economic Times (ET)

The business paper of the Times Group, ET is a good source of information on economic issues.

List of news channels and websites to look up:

DD news

It is a national news channel from Doordarshan, India’s state broadcaster. It is the go-to channel for any governmental event.

BBC News

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the world’s oldest national broadcaster, based in London, offers good material on matters of international importance.


Livemint.com or their newspaper Mint is a good source of news, especially with a business perspective. It also covers political and other news.

Press Information Bureau (pib.nic.in/)

The PIB website says that ‘the Press Information Bureau (PIB) is the nodal agency of the Government of India to disseminate information to the print and electronic media on government policies, programmes, initiatives and achievements.’ It is a very good source of news related to government schemes and policy announcements.

Also refer to the websites of the various government ministries for updated releases.

Things to remember while using the newspaper and news sites for UPSC civil services preparation:

  • Learn what topics to read and what to avoid.
  • Don’t go in depth in an article where it is unnecessary.
  • Don’t go through all the newspapers in the market. Select from the above sources and optimise your use of them

Year- 2017