English for SSC


Theory & Practice set

All these chapter are the must read. you have to go through twice or thrice for clear understanding of the topic and nature of questioned ask in your exam.

  • 01EN-Noun_(Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education pdf_button2
  • 02EN-Adverb (Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education  pdf_button2
  • 03EN-Adjective-(Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education  pdf_button2
  • 04EN-Preposition (Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education  pdf_button2
  • 05EN-Article (Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education   pdf_button2
  • 06EN-Conjunction (Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education   pdf_button2
  • 07EN-Pronoun (Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education   pdf_button2
  • 08EN-Tense (Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education   pdf_button2
  • 09EN-Passive Voice (Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education   pdf_button2
  • 10EN-Question Tag (Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education   pdf_button2
  • 11EN-Verb (Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education  pdf_button2
  • 12EN- Subject Verb Agreement (Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education pdf_button2
  • 13EN- Conditional Sentence (Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education pdf_button2
  • 14EN- Narration (Theory+Practice)_SSARP Education pdf_button2


Quiz (Question Bank)

  • QEN-Quiz Day 001-SSARP Education  pdf_button2
  • QEN-Quiz Day 002-SSARP Education  pdf_button2
  • QEN-Quiz Day 003-SSARP Education   pdf_button2