Regional Powers, Marathas and Society in 18th Century

• The states that arose in India during the phase of Mughal decline and the following century varied greatly in terms of resources, longevity, and essential character. • Some of them-such as Awadh in the north and Hyderabad in the south were located in areas that had harboured regional states in the immediate pre-Mughal period … Continue reading Regional Powers, Marathas and Society in 18th Century

Mughal Empire, Administration and Mughal Art & Culture

Mughal (Babur & Humayun) and Sur Dynasty Mughal Dynasty (Akbar Onwards) Mughal Administration, Society and Culture Babur • Babur (Zahiruddin Muhammad) was the founder of the Mughal Empire in India. • Babur was related to Timur from his father’s side and to Chengiz Khan through his mother. • Babur succeeded his father Umar Shaikh Mirza … Continue reading Mughal Empire, Administration and Mughal Art & Culture

Vijayanagar and Other Regional States

VIJAYANAGAR EMPIRE Sources • The sources for the study of Vijayanagar are varied such as literary, archaeological and numismatics. • Krishnadevaraya’s Amukthamalyada, Gangadevi’s Maduravijayam and Allasani Peddanna’s Manucharitam are some of the indigenous literature of this period. • The Moroccan traveler, Ibn Battuta, Venetian traveler Nicolo de Conti, Persian traveler AbdurRazzak and the Portuguese traveler … Continue reading Vijayanagar and Other Regional States

Sufi and Bhakti Movement

• The Medieval period is considered as an age of great cultural synthesis in India and during this period a new phase of cultural development was initiated. • The Turks and Mughals introduced fresh ideas and helped in giving rise to new features in the areas of religion, philosophy and ideas. • The synthesis between … Continue reading Sufi and Bhakti Movement