Cloze Test (IBPS SSC) Mock#03

Have a check on your English Improvement program  by taking this test.

Q.( 1-10 )In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each case.

As China’s economy becomes indispensable to more countries and companies around the world, Chinese as a foreign language is (1) in popularity, and in unlikely places. The number of Israeli students studying Chinese has quintupled in the last four years. Around the world, 100 million non-Chinese now speak the language and in many countries kindergartens have (2) to offer dual-language immersion. Companies will (3) resources into trying to understand the Chinese market and Chinese consumer preferences. As Towson puts it, “If you’re a hotel in London, I guarantee you there are blogs in Chinese (4) you… China’s becoming the world’s largest entertainment market. Suddenly you have to try and figure out what they want to watch on TV.” China’s huge consumer market means that the country will be able to set the terms of trade deals to its (5) In 2013, Switzerland and China signed a far-reaching bilateral trade agreement that was (6) by politicians from both countries. Yet Swiss exports to China have (7) increased and the deal has since been (8) for failing to lower tariffs on Swiss watches, one of Switzerland’s main exports, while lowering tariffs on imports of Chinese manufactured goods. China was able to drive a hard (9) in no small part due to the bargaining power afforded by its massive consumer base. Gideon Rachman writes in his book Easternization: War and Peace in the Asian Century about political and economic power shifting eastwards: “It is economic might that allows nations to (10) the military, diplomatic, and technological resources that translate into international political power.”

1.Select option for answer-
A. swooping
B. Soaring
C. Flying
D. aspiring
E. pushing

2.Select option for answer-
A. begun
B. conceived
C. incorporated
D. organized
E. completed

3.Select option for answer-
A. tumble
B. surge
C. spate
D. pour
E. drench

4.Select option for answer-
A. abbreviating
B. refurbishing
C. reviewing
D. auditing
E. scrutinizing

5.Select option for answer-
A. recognition
B. precedence
C. dominion
D. Advantage
E. leverage

6.Select option for answer-
A. dribbled
B. raved
C. venerated
D. revered
E. hailed

7.Select option for answer-
A. hardly
B. arduously
C. fairly
D. cumbrously
E. frequently

8.Select option for answer-
A. exonerated
B. criticized
C. assaulted
D. slander
E. maligned

9.Select option for answer-
A. codicil
B. Bargain
C. assent
D. covenant
E. lease

10.Select option for answer-
A. eventuate
B. propagate
C. generate
D. beget
E. compared

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