Reading Room D#04

Today’s Must Read Article are-

Read these articles & Build your opinion, we will post short notes 
on these By the evening.
Keep visit this page again in the evening to take print out of notes.

Last week’s attack:

  1. Outage of Airtel network in Delhi 
  2. Data breach of users of Reliance Jio Infocomm
  3. Technical glitch at the National Stock Exchange (NSE)

In news:

  • India is investigating on a “possible cyber attack.”
  • The Home Ministry is preparing an internal cybersecurity policy as it is required under the national plan.

2016 data breach: In 2016, security codes of around 32 lakh debit cards were breached and several users reported unauthorised transactions from locations in China.

Worrisome dependence on Chinese equipments:

  • Two years ago various telecom giants had been sensitised by the Government, about the vulnerability of equipment and products imported from China.
  • Both Airtel and Jio use Chinese equipment.



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