Adarsh Smarak Yojana

• The Ministry of Culture aims to promote, preserve and conserve the cultural heritage of the country.

• The main functions of the Culture Ministry include maintenance and conservation of heritage, historic sites and ancient monuments, administration of libraries, promotion of literary, visual and performing arts, observation of centenaries and anniversaries of important national personalities and events.

• Other mandate of the Ministry is promotion of institutions and organizations of Buddhist and Tibetan studies, promotion of institutional and individual non-official initiatives in the fields of art and culture, entering into cultural agreements with foreign countries and creating cultural awareness from the grass root level to the international cultural exchange level.

• Recently for conservation of monuments in India, ASI has identified 25 monuments to be developed as Model Monuments. These monuments would be provided necessary tourist facilities including wi-fi, security, signages, encroachment free area, interpretation centres showing short films about the importance of monuments and signboards of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

• The monuments are:



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